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With over a decade of experience in software development and IT, I have architected, developed, managed, and delivered projects for local businesses to Fortune 500 clients.

Helping transform your business and realize how technology can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and open new opportunities are my passion.

Software Development

Existing applications or new endeavors, for the web, desktop, or mobile apps, writing code is my passion. Using an agile methodology, I favor frequent iterations with constant feedback cycles. The result is that project stakeholders stay in the loop, with constant visibility to the projects ongoing status.

IT Consulting

Together, we can cut costs and optimize your business through better use of technology. I provide analysis, code reviews, security audits, and much more. Let me work with you to make a scalable, robust, and efficient solution a reality for your business!

Website Design

A responsive, scalable website is a crucial asset to any business. Whether for e-commerce, as a corporate landing page, or an intranet application, I can help deliver a visually stunning site that offers countless features and the ability to grow and meet your needs well into the future.

About Me

developer : architect : consultant

I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, freelance consultant. Specializing in solution development, report generation and application architecture/design and development, I have developed web, mobile and desktop applications for a variety of industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, financial, retail and insurance.

With over 10 years experience in software development, I have architected and designed solutions for companies ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to startups in the NYC area. From projects such as a data-intensive Web Services Architecture installed at thousands of retail locations across the United States, to a business intelligence dashboard, each solution is characterized by fluid, innovative design and robust architecture, allowing systems to scale, grow and succeed for years to come.

I also provide litigation support services, appearing as an expert witness for technology and development-related disputes.

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